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Welcome to Ceredigion Pages - the online resource for the County of Ceredigion. Ceredigion is a County with a long history which is keen to protect it's heritage, including the Welsh language (and here I should perhaps apologise for these pages being available in English only ... sorry!). In time you will find information about historical places, activities, beaches, businesses and more on this website. Work on this site started in June 2008, so please bear with use while we fill it with information - it will take a little time.

... where the name comes from ...

The name Ceredigion means 'Land of Ceredig'. Ceredig was a son of Cunedda, a chieftain who re-conquered much of Wales from the Irish around the 5th Century. It remained a kingdom ruled by his descendants until it expanded and changed its name, first to Seisyllwg in the late 7th century and then to Deheubarth in the mid-10th century. In 1974 the area then known as Cardiganshire became part of the county of Dyfed. When Dyfed was split up into 3 unitary authorities in 1996 it was divided into Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Cardiganshire. Cardiganshire changed it's name to Ceredigion 1 day later.

Accommodation in Ceredigion

This website about Ceredigion is only just evelving, so our list of Hotels, B & B's, Guest Houses, Caravan Parks and Holiday Cottages is not yet available - but please come back soon, we hope to get this online shortly.

Ceredigion Business Directory

As with the Accommodation Guide, the Business Directory for Ceredigion is not yet available. Coming soon, you well be able to look up local businesses and also add your own business to the directory.

Towns in Ceredigion

The main towns are Aberaeron, Aberystwyth, Cardigan, Lampeter, Llandysul, New Quay, Newcastle Emlyn (partly in Carmarthenshire) and Tregaron.

Where is Ceredigion?

Map of Ceredigion
Ceredigion - within Wales
Ceredigion is a coastal county on the West Coast of Wales, bordered by Cardigan Bay to the west, Gwynedd to the north, Powys to the east, Carmarthenshire to the south, and Pembrokeshire to the south-west.

Its area is 440,630 acres (1783 km²). The population of the county at the 2001 census was 74,941.

Map of Ceredigion


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